Customization tools

Provide an interactive product editor to your customers

Allow customers to customize your products with our interactive product designer without losing sight of your printing specifications

  • Provide your customers with the right tools Increase your customers creativity by using built-in elements like text, pictures, artwork, and colors
  • Optimized for mobile use Offer the best experience to your customers with an app optimized to work on the most used platforms and devices around
  • Works for any product Convert your existing product templates into customizable products and allow your customers to personalize each side

All in one dashboard

Receive your customers' customizations instantly

Use the Colorlab console, our user-friendly and blazing fast back-end system to manage your workflow

  • Customizations View your customers’ customizations instantly and adjust them when desired
  • Template management Define which options the customer has when customizing your product
  • Configure to match your preferences Change general settings in the app like titles, texts and tooltips to match your content

Automated Pre-press

Accelerate your workflow by using our print ready files

With Colorlab, your designs are transformed into a living print ready spec document that stays updated as you work.

  • Exporting Configure the exact dimensions and select the customizable elements you need in your print-ready files to match your requirements
  • Formats Export customizations in the right PDF-format and auto-convert text elements to outlines before sending them to your printer
  • Advanced integration Send us your specific output requirements or API access needs to maximize the integration in your custom workflow

All the features you need to optimize your web to print workflow

Interactive product editor

Our easy drag and drop designer tool helps users to create customized products that match their style in minutes.

API Integration

Migrate data, integrate with other tools, automate workflows, and much more. Our tool integrates easily in your custom workflow.

Print Ready Files

Save time by avoiding needless communication with the customers by automating manual pre-press procedures.

Template Management

Manage all templates, customizations and file uploads in a secure and user-friendly back-end system.

SLA & support

We offer basic e-mail support or dedicated account support with live chat. Custom SLA agreements are available for enterprise customers.

Easy Integration

We integrate with popular shops and services like Shopify, Lightspeed, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and many more.


Start customizing products in your existing platform or webshop

Your team is most productive when your entire product management flow is in one place from start to finish. Our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems straight into Colorlab.

Companies relying on Colorlab to automate their workflow

”Great tool that helps our clients to make unique shinpads. If we have a question or when we need help, the Colorlab team is always ready to help us. If you want to personalize products, you need this tool!”

Martijn Knoops

Owner of

”We have been using web to print software for over 15 years on and off. From our first meeting with Colorlab we have been very impressed, they are very responsive and clever, quick to offer solutions not problems”

Andrew Barton

Sales & Marketing Director at Sole Juice

”Colorlab takes our business to the next level. I've never seen an easier tool to use! So crazily simple, but so effective for our business. Pay attention to these guys! Real gold in their knowledge, product and service.”

Michelle Savenije

Owner of Casimoda